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We answer your questions

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Who we are

Who is nullify?

We are a young, motivated team of students and climate activists. As we don’t see politicians doing enough, we’ve decided it’s time to take things into our own hands.

Our mission

We are doing everything we can to stop the climate crisis and give you the opportunity to be an active part of the change.

How can I contact you?

Do you still have any questions or ideas? DM us at Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or send a mail to We’d love to hear from you!

How we work

How does it work?

Step 1:
By asking detailed questions about different areas of your life, you can determine your CO2 footprint.  All of our calculations are based on scientific research.

Step 2:
For each area of your life, we give you individual tips to help you reduce your CO2 footprint.

Step 3:
With a monthly subscription we support climate protection projects and offset the rest of your CO2 footprint.

Are you a NGO?

No, we have instead opted to "hack" capitalism. Our experience as climate activists has shown us that politicians are reacting too slowly to the challenges climate change brings.
To act quickly and effectively against climate change, we need sustainable business models.
In spite of this our priority remains climate protection, not profit.

How can I support you?

First of all, it always helps us a lot if you tell your friends and family about our mission and thus increase the nullify community. But also a small donation never hurts ;) If you would like to become part of the nullify team, please check Indeed for our job openings or send us an application at "".

CO2 offsetting

What does CO2 offsetting mean?

With the nullify app you can invest in climate protection projects. These protect the environment by saving CO2, allowing you to offset your carbon footprint and become climate neutral. Being climate neutral means that all CO2 emissions you cause are saved elsewhere.

And other greenhouse gases?

Yes, climate neutrality also includes greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. This is because these can also be expressed as CO2 equivalents.

Do you really offset CO2?

Yes! Nullify buys CO2 certificates and thus a certain share of the CO2 savings of a climate protection project. In the next step, the certificate is decommissioned, which means that it cannot be bought again by another person. This ensures that each certificate only offsets the designated amount of CO2 once.

You can view the decommissioning certificates at any time on request. We are currently working hard on an update to automate this process.

Isn’t this all just greenwashing?

Greenwashing means that environmental protection measures are only carried out for the image, but are not really effective.

It is important to us that our app is not only green from the outside but also from the inside. That's why we only offer projects that are proven to save CO2 and are of the highest quality.

How do you choose projects?

In order to make sure every single kg of your emissions is really offset, we only work together with the highest quality projects. That’s why all of them are GOLD STANDARD certified.

Additionally, all projects improve other parts of life for the local community by supporting gender equality, education, homes, food, medical goods and more.
Your subscription is not only protecting the climate, but also makes other humans lives a little better every day.

Why only international projects?

This is mainly due to the double counting problem that arises when 2 actors credit themselves for the same CO2 compensation. When climate protection projects are carried out within the EU, the national government can credit itself for the CO2 that is offset. Therefore, it is currently not possible to offset one's CO2 footprint through national projects.

Another reason is the additionality. This means that a project is only suitable for climate neutrality if it wouldn’t be carried out without support. For example, Germany as a highly developed country is able to implement climate protection projects nationally by itself, whereas in countries like India such projects couldn’t be realized due to lack of financial means.

Do I have to offset a 100%?

That’s up to you. For climate neutrality it’s required to offset 100% of your footprint. But we understand that not everyone has the budget for that and therefore offer any percentage you like to make you climate friendly. You can adjust this at any time in the "Offset" section of the app. :)

Ps: You can also offset more if you like to!

Any further questions?
We are happy to answer them!